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Yann Lambiel makes a thunderous return to solo with “Multiple”. Three years after the triumphant “Nous”, an adventure shared with Marc Donnet-Monay, the comedian returns to the one man show. His new creation corresponds to him in every way, and the artist is delighted. ...

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Image from The Conversation

The Conversation

The more extensive the technical possibilities for mass surveillance become, the greater the potential for their misuse. Not only do we search the Internet, but the Internet searches us. Companies and states collect data, create personality profiles, and make predictions about our future actio...

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Image from VERTIGO. Projekt für Antigravitation.

VERTIGO. Projekt für Antigravitation.

Stumbles, missteps, wrong decisions. Banking crisis, climate crisis, marriage crisis. Burnout, fallout, breakout. Apocalypse is blockbuster cinema? Not at all. We experience it every day - privately and globally.

OH!Darlings Crew takes you to a world where VERTIGO is the physical and so...

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Image from La révérence

La révérence

La révérence is the theatrical performance of an actor who, through the voices of others, attempts to tenderly reconcile the world of inheritance and that of identity, to recount family hopes dashed by his coming-outs of sexual and professional orientation, and to reweave the bonds weakened by...

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Image from Présence de la mort

Présence de la mort

*In 1922, Ramuz describes the Canton of Vaud under an apocalyptic heat wave because the earth is getting closer to the sun. Little by little, personal and collective life becomes disorganized, between despair and fatalism, violence and insurrection.

Sarah Eltschinger adapts a novel by C...

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Image from KATEDRAL


The pianist-composer Alain Roche (Piano Vertical, Piano.Amp, Boll & Roche Cie, …), joins forces with the percussionist Fred Bürki (Emilie Zoé, Anna Aaron, Me&Mobi, …), and presents a piece for church organ, classical percussion and digital looper in a single movement.

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