Manifest / oh la la – performing arts production

We - Angie, Emilien, Maxine, Yamina - members of the oh la la team, wish to get involved in the social, environmental and artistic issues of our time. That's why we propose this manifest which reflects the commitments in our daily work. The objective is to make the practice of the performing arts more sustainable. We see this manifest as evolving and collaborative. It will develop over time, as we exchange and reflect with artists, institutions, and partners.

Our goal is to move from old perspectives to new, more equitable and sustainable ones. In this spirit, we openly share our commitments and work in the interest of artists, audiences and the entire performing arts ecosystem. The organizations and cultural entities that surround us are considered allies in these efforts.

Work conditions

The production work is a collaboration with the different artistic directions. The good realization of a project is conditioned by this collaboration of the binomial "artist/producer". According to this, we wish to develop with the artists a long term working relationship.

We do not tolerate discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental condition, social class, education, or age for our team members or anyone with whom we collaborate.

At all stages of our collaboration, the entire team, artists and external collaborators are respected and treated fairly. We do not tolerate violence, sexual assault, abuse of power, discriminatory behavior or language. We take criticism and/or comments related to these topics seriously and are open to receiving them. We are committed to providing resource people who can intervene in the event of dysfunction.

We are committed to offering the members of our team and the artists with whom we collaborate conditions of employment in accordance with the current rates in Switzerland. We make all partners in the performing arts ecosystem aware of the importance of improving the often precarious working conditions in this field.

Regarding the oh la la team members, we make it a point of honor to give flexibility to our employees and to allow time for personal projects. Individual needs and rhythms have their place in our daily organization. We make sure that the needs of each individual are respected and can be communicated easily. We ensure that we work decent hours to guarantee a separation between work and private life.


Conscious of the climatic and ecological emergency, we commit to take the following measures in order to minimize our impact and the one of the productions we collaborate with on the ecosystem and the environment.

The oh la la team members choose to travel by train and public transport for all their professional trips up to 10 hours. Flying is an exception. The presence of our team members alongside touring artists is carefully considered when taking a flight is necessary. We encourage artists to use the train or bus for individual travels.

We make our partners who finance culture aware of the additional costs generated by the ecological transition. Indeed, taking the train is more expensive and takes more time than flying. Support must therefore be adapted accordingly.

We dialogue with artists and companies in order to orient the creation process towards sustainable practices, notably by choosing materials with a low carbon footprint. We strive to recycle and reuse set design materials and supplies whenever possible. We take care to minimize the purchase of new computer equipment. Emails are regularly sorted and discarded to reduce digital waste. We make sure to work with local suppliers.

The artists we work with were involved in the writing of this manifest and share the proposed vision.

Questions, opinions, remarks, suggestions for improvement

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