La révérence is the theatrical performance of an actor who, through the voices of others, attempts to tenderly reconcile the world of inheritance and that of identity, to recount family hopes dashed by his coming-outs of sexual and professional orientation, and to reweave the bonds weakened by his departure for the city. A succession of imitations, this autofiction paints with humor a modest portrait of the “mountain people”, describes the Valais wine environment and retraces the odyssey of a young homosexual adolescent.

The aim of the project can be summed up in the words of the author Alice Zeniter when she writes: “Nurses don’t know what the life of a farmer is like, gendarmes don’t know the working conditions of teachers, railway workers don’t know the timing of the lives of the intermittent performers, and absolutely no one knows how a writer contributes to her retirement. Without a narrative and without images to connect subgroups, the social world is fragmented by ignorance and a sense of strangeness.”

by Emeric Cheseaux


Performance and conception Emeric Cheseaux
Artistic collaboration Coline Bardin
Artistic accompaniment Shannon Granger
Writing supervision Audrey Mabillard
Technical and stage management Céline Ribeiro
Stage management Mounir Benchara, Lucile Brügger
Production and diffusion Emilien Rossier / oh la la - performing arts production
Administration Angie Menillo / oh la la - performing arts production
Support Théâtre Les Halles, Théâtre St-Gervais,
La Manufacture - Haute École des Arts de la Scène,
État du Valais, Loterie Romande, Fondation Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Swiss Wine Valais

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