Alain Roche was born in 1973 in Porrentruy. He is a pianist-composer and stage designer.
Trained in classical music at the conservatory of Jura in piano class with Yana Rondez and in oboe in the class of Marc Baubry at the conservatory of Belfort (F), he continued his training in the field of contemporary music at the ETM (School of Musical Technologies) in Geneva. With the dancer and director Stéphanie Boll, he founded BOLL & ROCHE CIE in 2012.

With the unusual PIANO VERTICAL created in 2013, Alain Roche travels Europe and then the world with the performances IMPROMPTU and CHANTIER.

Multi-instrumentalist of artistic creation, he masters the codes of composition, scenography, lighting and sound design. He has used them for piano, theatre, choreography, film and performance pieces.

During his studies he practiced classical organ in churches in his native Jura. In 2021, he returned to this instrument during the performance EL DUENDE by the director Catherine Travelletti. It is at this precise moment that he decides to create KATEDRAL.

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