Foulles? Fous, folles, foulles? The sound of their name can make one think of a crowd, of the figure of the fool or of the word “full”.

Far from reducing themselves to just one of these facets, Foulles claim to be all of these things at once: a quartet of complete fools, a small crowd full of energy, full of practices, and full of friendship. A group of artists united by a common desire to create worlds far from any rationality. A group of friends who take idiocy very seriously.

In their work, their most diverse passions intersect in no particular order: pop music, rehearsal comedy, the Middle Ages, but also fire sticks, sewing, sequins, the break, unusual haircuts or miniature and oversized objects. Emma, Collin, Delia, Fabio and Augustus create the unique atmosphere that characterises their artistic productions by taking care of the complex weaving of these multiple worlds.

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