Born in Martigues (FR), Marion Zurbach began her training at the École Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille, before joining the École Atelier Rudra Béjart Lausanne. From 2003 to 2015, she worked for Maurice Béjart’s Compagnie M, the Theatre of Florence, the Ballet National de Marseille and the Konzert Theater Bern. In 2015, she founded with Vittorio Bertolli the artistic association Unplush, based in Bern. In 2018, Marion completes her Master’s degree in Theater and Performance at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB). Since its foundation, Unplush has been touring in Switzerland and abroad and received the June Johnson Dance Price (Swiss Dance Awards 2019). Since 2019, she regularly accompanies artists as a choreographer (Cologne Opera) or dramaturge (Urban Dansdagen Festival Eindhoven). In 2019/21, she creates Les Promises, a film made with teenage girls from the northern districts of Marseille. Since 2020, she gives workshops to teenagers in partnership with the far° Nyon, Triangle Astérides & FRÆME. In 2021, she creates Biche, a piece co-produced by the Dampfzentrale Bern and the far° Nyon. In 2022/23 she creates Reef for the Tanz Ensemble Luzerner Theater and Les Héritier.x co-produced by the Dampfzentrale Bern. Unplush constructs its projects as sites of contact, dialogue and speculative research.

Since 2015, Unplush has been presenting performances, organizing clubbing events and dance and choreographic writing workshops. With its broad collaborations, formats and venues, the company actively participates in the Swiss cultural scene and produces for a wide audience.
Unplush proposes works that result from the dialogue between the people involved in the productions. The encounter between people with different life experiences or of different ages is seen as a stimulus for reflection and solidarity in artistic creation.
Under the artistic direction of Marion Zurbach, the performers work from their connection to a theme, with their imagination and their history. Between myth and realism, tragedy and humor, Unplush observes constructions, existential strategies or non-human forms of life. A reflection on our conditionings, our struggles and what a space of speculation like the stage can produce.

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