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The trigger for J’AI PLIÉ MA LANGUE is the encounter with the words of Laura Vazquez. The message is chiseled, there is an urgency to say, to repeat, to chant, to expel the meaning. Her writing, strongly marked by rhythms, tempi, frantic cadences, questions our relationship to our bodies, our lives, our societies.

Every time he moves, he turns,
Each time he speaks
he repeats what he says,
he repeats what he says,
Every time he thinks,
Every time he thinks he’s thinking,
Every time he thinks,
Every time his cheeks wrinkle,
His voice wrinkles,
his arms wrinkle,
his fingers wrinkle,

“Every time” Laura Vazquez 2014

Lisa Tatin’s voice, by turns lyrical, chanted, unbridled, rubs shoulders with multi-instrumentalist Till Lingenberg, who doesn’t hesitate to explore all sorts of percussive textures, mixed with deep, rough bass lines.
This is a rhythmic-poetic essay for voice and drums that is open to all musical influences, to all rhythmic and melodic impulses that are born from Vazquez’s words. A high and percussive word.

JPML highlights the meeting points between Laura Vazquez’s texts -strongly imbued with rhythm and inflection- and the vocal and instrumental interpretation of two performers: one whose main language is the voice, the other using percussion in the broadest sense as a major vector.
JPML seeks to understand how a text with a strong rhythmic potential can contaminate both the voice and trigger a compositional work for percussion and voice, creating new vocal and instrumental partitions that can superimpose and interpose.

by Schoß Company / Lisa Tatin


*Concept Schoß Company (Simona Gallo & Lisa Tatin)
Vocals/looper Lisa Tatin
Drums/bass/electronics Till Lingenberg
Video/light/stage design Simona Gallo
Sound Yago Loretan
Costumes Gwendolyn Jenkins
Poetry Laura Vazquez
Production Emilien Rossier - oh la la performing arts production
Production Schoß Company
Support** Canton of Valais - Service de la Culture, City of Sion, Prohelvetia, Loterie Romande, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Théâtre les Aires (Die-FR), Cascina Farej (Albugnano-IT), Centre Culturel d’Arbaz (Valais-CH)