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In 2020, Johanne begins a transition process. This personal story of struggle against a body imposed by biology and the desire to reunite is the source of this creation. Like a plunge towards oneself, Appetite for Depths choreographs this sensual journey of a vibrant body, in movement, never frozen.
Inhabited by Johanne’s krump practice and united with the techniques and influences of Sayari and Muxu, Appetite for Depths uses a gestural vocabulary derived from the subversive dances of invisibilized minorities whose bodies carry an urgent need for expression, and this is no accident.
By creating a safe space far from an oppressive binarity, bodies can finally allow themselves to be what they wish in a world where the possible non-conformities to the accepted norm flourish. They reinvent their own imaginary to better reappropriate a trans mythology and give birth to new fictions in which to find themselves.

by Johanne


Choreography Johanne
Musical creation Chaos Clay
Sets Julie Magenta
Performance Johanne, Lucas Muxu, Sayari-Alexandria
Outside views Catol Texeira, Élie Autin
Scenography Anonie Oberson
Lighting design Selim Dir Melaizi
Sound engineering Chaos Clay
Production and diffusion Émilien Rossier, Yamina Pilli / oh la la - performing arts production
Co-production Arsenic
Support Canton of Vaud, Canton of Valais, City of Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Ernst Göhner Stiftung.