Johanne is an artist, dancer and tds from the Valais. She started freestyle hip-hop at the age of 14 and started krumping when she was 18. Johanne is known in the krump scene as MainEvent X. For over a year now, Johanne has been an active member of the ballroom scene, participating in the vogue fem performance categories. Johanne is developing artistically as a freelancer also in the fields of painting and writing. In 2018, she starts the bachelor in contemporary dance at the Manufacture in Lausanne. For her Bachelor’s work, Johanne creates a solo Ghosts are extended Flesh that she will perform at the Belluard, at the Quarts d’heure de Sévelin in 2021 and at PREMIO in 2022.
Johanne’s singular dance is a blend of black cultures and influences with various contemporary improvisation techniques. Johanne’s aesthetic is queer. In her work, she questions the relationship to bodies, their places, their limits, their representations. The transformation or transgression of form is a recurring theme in Johanne’s work. Memories permeate Johanne’s research. How do they structure us, at a microscopic level, how do they pretend, how do they lie, how do they disappear, how do they shape our bodies?