The soft brain is the space into which we invite the public to enter with us. It takes the form of a floor covered in mattresses. Welcoming and malleable, it is a seemingly soft space, even though it is the epicentre of a nervous system responsible for all our movements, thoughts and fears. Dancing in a soft brain is an attempt to shake up our beliefs and shake up our knowledge. We want Le cerveau mou de l’existence (The soft brain of existence) to be a metaphorical space of resilience to the collapses of our worlds, through play, through learning to fall, through welcoming softness.

by Collectif Foulles


Concept, choreography Collectif Foulles (Collin Cabanis, Auguste de Boursetty, Délia Krayenbühl, Emma Saba, Fabio Zoppelli)
Music Marie Delprat
Lights Zineb Rostom
Scenography 25 Deblue
Costumes Stéphanie Rosianu with the help of Safia Semlali
Stage management Redwan Reys
Outside Eye Lisa Laurent, Bast Hippocrate
Production and diffusion Maxine Devaud & Émilien Rossier / oh la la - performing arts production
Diffusion Belgium Charlotte Grace Wacker
Photos and teaser Anouk Maupu
Coproductions La Grange, Centre / Arts et Sciences / UNIL, Théâtre, Saint-Gervais – Genève, L’Abri – Genève
Residencies partner BAMP - Bruxelles, Dansomètre - Vevey, Goldtronics - Lausanne
Supports État de Vaud, Ville de Lausanne, Loterie Romande, Ernst Göhner Stiftung

Thanks to Jonas Parson, Alessandra Mattana, Imani Rameses, Adina Secrétan and everyone else who gave their time and valuable insights.

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