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Image from HERE & NOW Image from HERE & NOW

Why do we come to the theater? To laugh? To be moved? To discover a story? Or, more trivially, to get value for money? At the back of the stage, a large screen lists different possibilities: the audience must indicate why they are there. Each answer is spoken out loud and triggers a sequence in which Trân Tran, as the show’s professional, tries to fulfill the expectations stated. Never short of ideas or props, the performer links actions with a consummate art of discrepancy. A funny side step that allows him to talk about things that are deeper than they seem. How far will Trân Tran gox to “put us on the fritz”? In a mischievous mise en abyme of the actor·esses·x and the spectator·esse·x, HERE & NOW reinterprets the pact that founds representation and celebrates the most beautiful “here and now” there is: the space-time of the theater.

by Trân Tran / TOAST


Concept Trân Tran
Performance Tatiana Baumgartner, Pauline Raineri, Trân Tran
Technical direction, stage management Virginie Taylor
Artistic accompaniment Michèle Pralong
Music Jacques Henri Sennwald
Production Maxine Devaud / oh la la - performing arts production
Distribution La Magnanerie - MAG.I.C
Co-production far° festival des arts vivants Nyon (as part of the Extra Time program)
Support Pro Helvetia, Corodis, Loterie Romande, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, City of Renens
Acknowledgements The whole team of the far° festival des arts vivants Nyon, Michèle Pralong, Khuê Do-Tran and all the Mafia Jaune, Valérie Niederoest, Maïté Jeannolin, Jacques A. Bonnard, Yan Duyvendak, Les Do, les Valette, Vanessa Stitch Lam, Jacques Henri Sennwald, Chiccham, le Théâtre Sévelin 36, le Théâtre de l’Arsenic