Marie Delprat is a french musician based in Switzerland. Her artistic endeavors encompass a fusion of diverse musical genres.
Fascinated by the interplay between sound, movement, and visual arts, Marie constantly explores the boundaries of musical composition and seeks to transcend traditional artistic mediums.
Marie has been involved in numerous productions at the intersection of performance, opera, and sound installations.
In 2023, she released her debut solo album, Life is Sick under Unvague label (Bern). This album draws inspiration from the evocative texts of Sylvia Plath and the mesmerizing photography of Angel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera. Through her music, she combines haunting melodies with lyrics. Life is Sick merges literature, visual arts, and music into a singular artistic expression. This album is a dedication to pushing artistic boundaries and commitment to exploring the depths of human emotions through music.
Since few years, artistic collaborations have taken center stage in Marie Delprat’s journey. Her most significant commitment is evident through partnerships with prominent artists like Emma Saba, David koch the scenographer Thomas Giger and dancer Natascha Moschini. This new phase in her career reflects her profound desire to merge talents and creative perspectives, resulting in unique creations that transcend artistic disciplines.
In 2021, Marie became a participant in the New Music Theater Now (Netherlands), supported by Gare du Nord (Basel), which has provided her with opportunities to showcase her diverse projects within an extensive network of new music theater.
Since 2023, she is Associated Artist at Dampfzentrale Bern.
Since 2018, Marie has been represented by Maxine Devaud’s oh-la-la performing art productions.

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