Image from LAB_21 my body no longer obeys Image from LAB_21 my body no longer obeys

LAB_21 is a live electroacoustic device that responds organically to the intensity of the singer/performer’s movements thanks to sensors. It is a performance where the singer is alone on stage in the middle of a light device that interacts with the sound. The movement exists only to create the sound and consequently the sound calls for movement. The voice of the performer comes to testify of this indocile body which tends to the overflows thanks to the powerful text of Yoann Thommerel.
LAB_21 is a body-instrument, an augmented voice, infinite possibilities and facetious algorithms in an immersive light device.

The musical composition is based on a work entitled “Mon corps n’obéit plus” by Yoann Thommerel. The theme of the body is very present in the author. His rhythmic writing, his offbeat universe so close to what we live, allows a real work of contemporary musical composition. Music of today, words of today.
“I have felt the indocility of my body since I was very young. And contrary to what my entourage could hope for, maturity has not helped. Even today, my body stubbornly refuses to comply with the instructions that proliferate in our lives, including this one:
learn to stay in your place and not to exceed the limits. Yoann Thommerel

My body is bored inside, it would like to try another one, but it’s not possible, there’s nothing to do but accept it, wallowing in a sofa, while waiting my body brings in things inside, vinegar chips, smoke, deviant hip-hop, but it’s bored anyway, so my body gets up, it wants to go out (…)
to go out (…)
My body is super free.
My body is poetic.
My body will never obey again.

by Schoß Company / Lisa Tatin


Concept Schoß Company
Performance Lisa Tatin
Creation André Décosterd & Lisa Tatin
Stage design Simona Galo
Sound Yago Loretan
Production Schoß Company
Co-production Service de la Culture du Canton du Valais, Fondation UBS pour la Culture, Fondation Nicati-de Luze, Fondation La Suisa, Les Rencontres de Crans-Montana, Fondation SIS, Théâtre de Valère (Sion), Gare du Nord (Basel).