Connecté, Yann Lambiel’s 11th solo show, immerses the audience in the mind of one of French-speaking Switzerland’s leading impersonators of the past 25 years. With the unique KUBUS stage set-up, audiences will be surrounded by 360-degree LED screens and seated on swivel chairs for an unprecedented experience! The show and its touring structure will stop for periods of one to three months in cities across French-speaking Switzerland in 2024 and 2025.
In Connecté, Yann Lambiel invites his audience to join him in the first test of the revolutionary brain chip dreamed up by the whimsical Elon Musk. Yann, who is not very comfortable with technology, has never really fallen for social networking, virtual reality or GPT chat. So when he finally got the chance to be among the first to test a technological revolution, he decided that this was his chance. This brain chip will connect Yann’s brain directly to a machine. The audience will travel with him through his memories, his emotions, his fears and also his imagination - the real driving force behind this prolific artist. In a funny, touching, intimate and sometimes disturbing show, we gradually come to understand the true intentions of a technology that may not be so innocent.

by Yann Lambiel


Acting and writing Yann Lambiel
Director Christophe Burgess
Video art direction Guillaume Darbellay
Executive production Emilien Rossier / oh la la - performing arts production
Sound Fabien Ayer
Lights Alain Boon
Scenography Lucie Meyer
Production La Soupe Production & Plasma Communication
Plasma Communication Christian Lenschen
Exploitation KUBUS Bruno Pinto
Graphic design and photography Thomas Masotti
Supports PMU, Groupe E, Le Nouvelliste, LFM, Infomaniak

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