The utopian drift of a group of pirates who don’t want to go under: a call for new protest imaginaries.

After Je suis devenue ma vérité, Sarah Eltschinger from Fribourg tells the strange and funny story of a group of self-proclaimed pirates. Despite being attacked by enemy ships, they want to make their way to a place that doesn’t matter. Their ship is Le Carpatie. In 1912, it came to the aid of those shipwrecked on the Titanic. In 1918, it was torpedoed by a German submarine. To this day, the wreck lies at the bottom of the ocean. Yet its occupants speak to us. They seem mad, caught up in the memory of a past that unites them, but about which their memories and identities sometimes play tricks on them. Pirates among pirates, pirates in a world where institutions have collapsed to make way for extreme competitiveness.

by Sarah Eltschinger


Direction, adaptation Sarah Eltschinger
Performance Yann Philipona, Philippe Annoni, Délia Krayenbühl, Chady Abu Nijmeh, Elsa Thebault
Dramaturgy Antoine Girard
Scenography Maude Bovey
Lights Céline Ribeiro
Costumes Ana Carina Romero Astorga
Construction Le Ratelier : Jean-Marie Matthey, Lucien Mozer
Production and diffusion Emilien Rossier / oh la la - performing arts production
Production Compagnie I D A
Coproduction Equilibre-Nuithonie - Fribourg
Supports State of Fribourg, Loterie Romande