Image from SPEZIES. Ein Abend über Tiere Image from SPEZIES. Ein Abend über Tiere Image from SPEZIES. Ein Abend über Tiere Image from SPEZIES. Ein Abend über Tiere

Favorite animal, phobic animal, pet animal, farm animal, laboratory animal, breeding animal, working animal, therapy animal, slaughter animal, wild animal, cuddly animal, zoo animal, beast…. what kind of attributions are these? What kind of relationships are these? We are such arrogant beings. Where do we get the presumption from? We have to reflect ourselves out of our skin! We need to look at ourselves in our limitations.
OH!Darlings SPEZIES is a piece of relationship work, between humans and animals in the concrete and those present in the theater space in particular. Together with their audience they dive into a surreal biotope of music, thoughts, images. Using the stage as a habitat, the performers play through the possibilities and impossibilities of the human relationship to the animal. Can we succeed in renewing our view of animals?

  • Real animals do not come on stage.
    ** Maybe there will be cheesecake.

by OH!Darling


concept, texts, performance Susanne Abelein
concept, playwriting, direction Anne Andresen
production management Maxine Devaud
sound, music, performance Niki Neecke
material, costume, performance Noemi Egloff
space, light Lukas Sander
Outside Eye Marcel Schwald
video Florian Olloz, Simón Aurel Schwarz
Graphics methanie
co-production Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zurich
Support City of Zurich Culture, Cultural Office of the Canton of Zurich, Pro Helvetia, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Migros Culture Percentage, Albert Huber Foundation
Thanks to our discussion partners Dr.Charlotte E. Blattner (animal rights expert), Pascal Girod (zoologist), Dr. des. Nico Müller (philosopher), Dr.Constanze Pietsch (fish biologist), Dr. Marcel Sebastian (sociologist), Dr. Dennis C. Turner (behavioral scientist), Dr. des. Friederike Zenker (philosopher)