Marie Delprat develops her own projects in the fields of experimental music, musical theater but also early music. Beyond this taste for very diverse aesthetics and musical approaches, she is interested in the play of echoes between sounds, movements and visual arts. She continues to question the boundaries between mediums and pushes the ones of musical composition.
She regularly performs at the Dampfzentrale (Bern, CH), at the Musikfestival Bern (CH) and at the Gare du Nord (Basel, CH).
She has already performed in various productions at the intersection of performance, opera and sound installations: among others for the productions The Navidson Records by the collective The Navidsons (premiere: Munich Biennale 2016), Das Glashaus by Hans Wüthrich (premiere in 2018: Achtbrücken Köln, DE), Rotes Velo Kompagnie (premiere Grabenhalle, Sankt Gallen, CH), or in various projects at festivals such as Milano musica contemporanea (IT), Fête de la danse (Neuchâtel, CH), Neue Musik Rümlingen (CH).
In December 2020, she received the Coup de Cœur award from the canton of Bern for her first creation Rage(s), created in February 2020.
Since 2021 she is part of the professional exchange program organized in the framework of the O.Festival in Rotterdam (NL).

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