Image from how do I Image from how do I

how do I exposes a performative self seeking responses faced with the experiences of a social self, who is often unable to conceive oneself outside of cishet men’s pro- jections and desires. Going beyond the (self-)objectification during the choreographic process allows me to push hypersexualisation towards its own boundaries and absurdity. This piece also aims to digest physical sensations, without erasing past traumas. It claims a body which is at the core of my practice, as it is its main tool, and which I now recognize myself part of.

by Lisa Laurent


concept, choregraphy, performance Lisa Laurent
music Être Peintre
outside eye Thibault Lac
assistant Hugo Chanel
light design Alice Panziera
writing supervisor Pauline Coquart
production L2PROD
diffusion Yamina Pilli oh la la - performing arts production co-production Emergentia - temps fort pour l’émergence réalisé par L’Abri, le TU-Théâtre de L’Usine et le Pavillon ADC Genève
support Loterie Romande