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A time of theater to stop, to dialogue… and to understand together.

STOP! It goes too fast ! STOP! There are too many of them! STOP! It’s going to swallow us up! STOOOOOOOP !!!!!!!!!!

Quickly, very quickly, Sarah throws herself on the big machine of time, she squeezes the brake, she squeezes it, she squeezes it so hard that she manages to stop it!

And then…

… everything floats, in slow motion, suspended in the air… the big news,
the little ones, the latest news, the microscopic events…

Sarah… has stopped time!

She takes a pair of giant scissors. She cuts a piece of the present.

She spreads it out on stage, and we lean over it. Together, quietly.

The “Pieces of the present” are a new theatrical proposal imagined for families. An artist from the French-speaking part of Switzerland picks an event or a theme from the media (newspapers, radio, television, web) that animates childhood and adolescence today, dissects it, observes it with the young spectators, juggles with it and makes it a spectacular moment. Then comes a moment of exchange between the artist and the public. To avoid going to bed without having understood the new words pronounced twenty times by the parents and thirty times by the TV in the evening, to find together our relationship to current events and to follow the compass of the world in a different way.

by Sarah Eltschinger


Director Sarah Eltschinger
Dramaturgy Antoine Girard
Acting Antonin Noël
Coproduction Compagnie I D A, Théâtre Am Stram Gram - Geneva