Groupe Sauvage is an association based in Fribourg, led by Sarah Eltschinger, Yann Hermenjat and Yann Philipona. The main goal of the association is to foster the creation, promotion, and dissemination of emerging performing artists from Fribourg.

Groupe Sauvage created in 2020 the festival Weekend Prolongé which is held every year in September on the site of blueFACTORY. It allows freshly graduated artists to meet each other and to be known by the public of Fribourg.

Since May 2022, GATE, also at blueFACTORY, has been refurbished by the group to offer emerging companies the possibility to rehearse and experiment in good conditions.

Through a theater course in collaboration with the Nouveau Monde, Groupe Sauvage undertakes an action of cultural mediation in order to sensitize the public to the concrete issues of theatrical creation.

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